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Tick Bites Treatment in Havertown, PA

AFC Urgent Care Havertown has expert medical professionals who can look for and treat tick bites in children and adults. Quick treatment will help prevent an infection from Lyme Disease.

Tick Bites Treatment in Havertown, PA

Ticks are a common pest for those who live in rural areas. However, they can also be found in more urban and suburban areas.These small, brown insects will bite both children and adults.The bite can be painful and will irritate the skin.Ticks also carry different bacteria and viruses that can infect both humans and household pets.

The thought of ticks and the diseases they expose you to may cause you to second guess spending any amount of time outdoors. However, you can protect your family from ticks and the serious illnesses they can carry, such as Lyme Disease.

Our highly experienced team at AFC Urgent Care Havertown have years of experience in treating tick bites. We understand the dangers these bugs expose you to. We can not only identify a bite but also remove a tick if it has embedded itself into your skin.

Below is a handy guide to help you prevent tick bites and also learn more about them. If you believe a tick has bitten you or a family member, come to our urgent care center today for immediate treatment.

Where do ticks live?

This pest lives outdoors in areas that are moist. They love to hide in shrubs, tall grass, and piles of leaves. Be careful if you find yourself walking through these areas. These areas are just as prevalent in a local park as they are in your backyard.

Preventing tick bites

Staying away from areas where ticks live is often the best way to prevent bites. With that said, that isn’t always a practical solution. If you find yourself and your family outside for extended periods of time, we suggest you coat your shoes and clothing with permethrin. This chemical kills any ticks it comes in contact with.

Tick repellents that contain DEET should be used to spray on any exposed areas of skin.

Most importantly, when you return to your home, check yourself for ticks in the mirror. If possible, have a friend or a family member double check for you. It is also a good idea to shower after you return home, to make sure and to wash off any lingering chemicals you used to repel these bugs. It is also advisable to put your clothes you wore outside through a hot wash and hot dryer.

Checking for ticks

Looking for ticks isn’t very difficult, but it is vital you be thorough while looking for them. First, check your clothes so they don’t crawl off and hide in your house. Next, check your body for ticks. They tend to hide in your hair and your underarms. These are dark, moist areas where they are most at home.

I think a tick has bitten me, what should I do?

When you find a tick on your body, don’t panic. It can indeed be disconcerting to see one, but you must take your time to remove the tick completely. Do not leave any pieces behind on your body or you risk infection.Use tweezers in a slow, gentle twisting motion to remove this bug.

If the tick has embedded itself into your skin, come to AFC Urgent Care Havertown immediately and seek our assistance.If you attempt to remove the tick, and a piece breaks off, like the head, this can lead to severe illness and infections.

After the tick is removed, be on the lookout for any rashes that may develop around the site of the bite. This rash can be a sign that something isn’t right, and you could be infected with something, like Lyme Disease.

Get yourself check out today by our board-certified physicians at AFC Urgent Care Havertown when a tick bites you. No appointment is needed! Just walk-in today and get checked out. We will help protect not only your health but the health of your family.

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